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Propel Orthodontics

Playa Vista Orthodontics is a proud provider of Propel Orthodontics, which can accelerate your treatment and reduce the time you’re in braces or Invisalign by up to 50%!

Orthodontic treatment is a long, steady process of moving teeth slowly and gently, and can take years. The outcome is well worth the effort, but now new breakthroughs in orthodontic technology offer patients accelerated treatment options. Dr. Courtney and the Playa Vista Ortho team love innovation and providing our patients with the very latest, proven, safe and effective methods for optimal orthodontic care. we can now accomplish difficult tooth movements easier, and finish cases in much less time, while avoiding any damage to the gums and bones. Playa Vista Orthodontics has been offering this state of the art technology for years, helping people achieve their goals in less months and visits.

Propel Orthodontics May Enhance Your Treatment!

Propel Orthodontics is top of the line care and technology. Most of our adult patients choose to accelerate their orthodontic treatment with one or both options that we offer, for faster, more predictable results. 

Fast in Five Minutes

One option we office is called VPro, a high-frequency vibration device that is simple and hands-free. It uses a micro-frequency to generate small vibrations, or pulses – enhancing the movements directed by your orthodontic appliance, allowing for faster tooth movement. When used at home for just 5 minutes a day, VPro may reduce discomfort and speed up treatment time by up to 50%. Ask us if VPro is right for you!

VPro Benefits:

When used with clear aligners for five minutes per day, VPro:

  • May speed up treatment time by up to 50%
  • Accelerated tooth movement
  • May reduce discomfort
  • Reduce office visits
  • May improve aligner tracking
  • May improve aligner seating
  • Can increase bone density at retention stage

What is Propel?

Another option is an in-office procedure that we refer to as Propel, after the name of the company. The scientific name is Micro-Oseo Perforations, or MOPs. It is a dentoalveolar procedure to assist with the orthodontic tooth movement. MOPs are dimples, or micro-oseo perforations the size of a pinhole that Dr. Courtney makes in the patient’s dentoalveolar bone around the teeth with the Propel Excellerator driver. These MOPs activate a cytokine cascade, which increases activity and accelerates bone remodeling. The MOPs encourage a natural inflammatory response, which stimulates the release of the cells involved in the breakdown of the bone. When orthodontic forces are applied, it aids in more quickly and predictable tooth movement through remodeling areas. Changes are made to the alveolar bone to assist with our treatment objectives, and to create an improved dental and periodontal outcome. Shorter treatment lengths, more predictable movements and improved periodontal health equates to an overall better patient experience. 

Is Propel safe?

Yes. The Propel Excellerator device has been cleared as a Class II medical device for use in orthodontics. The authors of the study in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics noted that Propel was an “effective, comfortable, and safe procedure that accelerates tooth movement significantly.”

Propel Post-Op

You will be slightly swollen after the procedure, and we advise you to eat softer foods for 24-48 hours to decrease the sensitivity. It’s imperative that you don’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Swelling is a good thing in this case since the inflammatory response is how Propel works its magic to accelerate the tooth movement. Avoid any spicy foods and anything with citric acid (orange juice, lemons, limes) for several days since the treatment area can feel a bit like when pizza burns the roof of your mouth. While the micro-perforations are healing, swish with undiluted hydrogen peroxide two or three times a day to keep your mouth clean and disinfected.

How much does Propel cost?

Most insurance policies cover the MOPs procedure. We would be happy to look into your insurance coverage for your and review your benefit at your consultation, or at any time throughout your treatment. We do advise to take advantage of this procedure earlier on in your treatment, in order to maximize the time and results. A VPro device is $450.

Is Accelerated Treatment For You?

During your consultation we will fully educate you on these processes and their benefits. Propel works in the majority of cases but every mouth and situation is different so the only way to determine if you’re a candidate is to schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation with Dr. Courtney. She will examine you and and your diagnostic records to get fully aquatinted with your teeth and jaws. She’ll chat with about your treatment options and see if Propel can put you on the fast track to a brand new smile. 

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Shawna M.
Shawna M.
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Dr. Ray is the absolute best! I went in with concerns about one tooth but she perfected my entire mouth. People have asked if I have veneers because of her amazing work. I didn't understand why she worked so hard during my appointments but I completely get it now. My smile is perfect and I'm always showing it off, thanks to Dr. Ray. And oh, every member of her staff have always gone above and beyond to make sure everything is ok. I'm going to miss them when my youngest is out of her braces.
Karina S.
Karina S.
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Highly recommend Playa Vista Orthodontics! Dr. Ray and her team are amazing! From day one of my daughter's consultation for her braces to the day of removal, I can't express how sweet and attentive everyone at this office has been with my daughter and I. They are very thorough in answering all your questions and give you all the information you need to understand the process. The office is clean and modern, and their care during COVID was exceptional.
Robin Hipolito
Robin Hipolito
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The team at PVO are wonderful! Simply incredible. From the time you check in to the office, the adjustment treatment and the re-scheduling, every step of the way is done in such a way that is warm and friendly. Dr Ray is friendly, insightful and very dedicated to what she does! As a dental professional myself I have been impressed with office from day one! Well done, keep it up!
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